Prepregs, foil adhesives and related chemical solutions

Umeco Structural Materials (CA), Inc.
ItemSpecificationShort descriptionTDS
L-591-7781MIL-C-9084C, AMEND 1, CLASS 4, TYPE VIIIBModified low temperature phenolic prepreg approved according to FAR part 25.853, on glass-fiber cloth type 7781, sateen weavingL-591-7781
L-603;Woven polyimide high temperature prepregL-603
L-692SA;High temperature polymer ceramic epoxy prepregL-692SA
L-956;Modified high temperature epoxy prepreg on woven carbon base materialL-956
L-313;High temperature film epoxy adhesiveL-313
L-314MMM-A-132, MIL-A-25463High strength film epoxy adhesiveL-314
L-319-1;High temperature film epoxy adhesiveL-319-1
L-309;Corrosion protection primerL-309