Aluminum, red and Special Alloys

Relicom delivers high-quality foil made of aluminum, copper and special metals.

Shipping is accompanied with inspection certificate:

- Certificate of Conformance;

- Certificate of Analysis.

Minimum order: 2 500 kg.

Please, make a written request.

Red metals alloy Guide
Stainless steel alloy Guide
Square feet per pound of metal
Square feet per pound of metal
Alloy NumberASTMAlloy NameCuZnNiSnP
230B-36Red Brass85%15%---
260B-36Cartridge Brass70%30%---
510B-103Phospher Bronze94.9%--5%0.01%
521B-103Phospher Bronze91.9%--8%0.1%
752B-122Nickel Silvers65%17%18%--
770B-122Nickel Silvers55%27%18%--