About Us

Company mission

consists in providing aircraft production facilities and aircraft operators with service materials produced by premium world manufacturers which leads to increasing reliability of equipment and machinery and as a result people safety.

We look forward to implementation of the world newest technology and materials to Russian aircraft production.

Who are we?

Relicom is trade partner of the world leading manufacturers of special materials for aircraft and aerospace, shipbuilding, energy and nuclear productions:

Hanval Inc.

DEC Engineering Corporation

Dow Corning GmbH

The Gill Corporation

Axiom Materials, Inc.

Airtech Europe S.A.

ITW Performance Polymers & Fluids

Evonik Industries AG

SILTEX Flecht- und Isoliertechnologie Holzmuller GmbH & Co.KG


Relicom consider its objective as to make world leading manufacturers products and technologies more available to Russian customers, to provide our Clients comfortable service conditions, maintain business on a high level.

General information

Relicom was formed on April 3, 2002