ATTENTION ... The company offers to collaborate in conducting two R&D projects aimed at developing innovative digital technologies for the machine-building industry. Both R&D projects are based on three Russian patents (RU2563063, RU149949, and RU2609571).

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Synthetic and Semi-synthetic turbine oils; synthetic aviation greases; synthetic and mineral hydraulic fluids; conserving agents here...

Dow Corning products

Silicon based adhesives, lubricants, pastes, compounds, fluids, coatings Link ...

LPS Laboratories chemical solutions forámaintenance andárepair


Corrosion inhibitors




Cutting fluids

Hand cleaners

Specialty MRO

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High foil, mesh, sheets


- aluminum alloys;

- copper alloys;

- stainless steel;

- constructive steel;

- high strength steel;

- special alloys.

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Composite materials

Honeycombs here ... and finished panels including panels made according customer request here ..., treated, with filled edges, etc., prepregs, specialty glues here ... and equipment.

Vacuum bagging materials andácomposite tooling products

Bagging films

Release films

Pressure sensitive tapes

Release liquids

Release fabrics/Peel plies

Breathers & Bleeders

Insulation blankets/Sewn products

Vacuum bag sealant tapes

Vacuum valves and hoses


Toolmaster« tooling materials

Resin infusion products


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ROHACELL isáa closed-cell rigid foam based onápolymethacrylimide (PMI) chemistry

Unique properties of Rohacell make this product ideal to be used as sandwich cores in aircraft, space programs, radars, satellites, yachts, ships, cars, sports equipment, etc.

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finishing materials andáspace effective equipment foráaircraft, trains andáyachts interiors

Textiles and fabric

Carpet mats

Films and plastics

Build-in space effective equipment

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