GRUMMAN Spec.ЗамечаниеПродукт DOW CORNING
GA 100DConnectors; dustproofing; termistor mounting, repairing encapsulants; insulating and sealing leads, splices, connections; bonding equipment coversDow Corning 732 Multipurpose Sealant
GC 115AFEnvironmetal protection, fillet sealing of airkraft components exposed to fuels and oilsDow Corning Q4-2817 Fluorosilicone Sealant
GC 115VRBase and comounting studs of transistors and diodes; coupling entire heat-generating assembly to chassis; rectifiers; packaged controlsDow Corning 340 Heat Sink Compound
GC 146BWProtecting ultrahigh and parts, such as silicone rubber insulation and ducting; contolling corrosion in integral fuel tanksDow Corning 94-003 Dispersion Coating
GF 105GJucing ultrahigh and ultraclean vacuum in the range of 10E-9 to 10E-10 torr (untrapped) and 10E-11 torr (trapped)Dow Corning 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid
GL 105JD Dow Corning BR-2
GL 105JDmbling, running-in, and maintaining new and rebuilt parts, press fits, threaded connections, heavy loadsDow Corning G-n Metal Assembly Spray
GL 105JDing and lubricating in vacuum and pressure systems, chemical processing equipment, valvesDow Corning 111 Valve Lubricant and Sealant
GL 105JDLubricating low-speed bearings; reducing RF noise in suspension insulators; knife-type disconnectsDow Corning 41 Extreme High Temperature Bearing
GL 105JDProviding dynamic lubrication between rubber and metal parts; lubricating and sealing O-ringsDow Corning 55 O-Ring Lubricant