ОбозначениеЗамечаниеПродукт DOW CORNING
Sealant / УплотнительNacelle and pylon(to above 120оС), Barrier material and beads, Aerospace sealant, Used with 1200 PrimerMolykote® 93-006
Primer / ГрунтовкаUsed with 93-006 (93006) or 93-076 aerospace sealantDow Corning® 1200 RTV
Sealant / УплотнительNacelle, Intersheet visible beads, Used with 1204 PrimerMolykote® 93-076 RTV
Primer / ГрунтовкаUsed with 93-076Dow Corning® 1204 RTV
Sealant / УплотнительBonding of silicone rubber seals and VERISOL lagging cloth. Installation of window.Dow Corning® 3145 RTV
Bonding / СоединениеFireproof areas: sealing; Seals/identification tape on thermally lagged hose: multipurpose sealant; This product is used with 1200 PrimerDow Corning® 732 RTV